A Spectacular Day of Shakespearean Magic at Our School!

A Spectacular Day of Shakespearean Magic at Our School!

We are thrilled to share the incredible success of our recent One Act Play Interhouse competition, where the talented students of our school brought the enchanting world of Shakespeare to life! The event took place today on an excellent day, with the cloudy weather adding an extra layer of atmosphere to the performances.

Under the guidance of our mentors, Shreyasi Banerjee and Saptarshi Chakraborty, our students delivered breathtaking renditions of scenes from some of Shakespeare’s most renowned plays. Let us relive the magical moments that unfolded on this memorable day!

House Netaji took the stage first, presenting a gripping rendition of the infamous assassination scene from Julius Caesar. The actors’ impeccable delivery transported the audience back to ancient Rome, leaving them captivated by the intense drama and raw emotion.

House Teresa mesmerized the audience next with their interpretation of the compelling trial scene from The Merchant of Venice. The students’ powerful performances showcased their dedication and commitment to mastering the intricate nuances of Shakespearean language.

House Tagore followed with a captivating banquet scene from Macbeth. The performers showcased their remarkable talent, effortlessly embodying the characters and bringing the scene’s tension and intrigue to life.

Lastly, representing House Vivekananda, our talented performers reenacted the bewitching Witches’ scene from Macbeth. Their portrayal was spellbinding, capturing the mysterious essence of Shakespeare’s words with precision and artistry.

The atmosphere in the auditorium was electrifying, and our esteemed judges, Principal Ms. Debdutta Bera Adhya and English teachers, Shrabana Mukherjee and Devpriya Dutt, had the difficult task of selecting the winners. Each house demonstrated exceptional talent, making it a close competition. After much deliberation, House Vivekananda emerged as the winners of the day, leaving the audience spellbound with their outstanding performance. House Netaji claimed a well-deserved second place, followed by House Tagore and House Teresa.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Sangeeta Chakraborti: House Incharge of Vivekananda, Chiranjeet Nandi: House Incharge of Netaji, Sumedha Ray: House Incharge of Tagore, and Akash Saha: House Incharge of Teresa, for their constant guidance and support throughout the preparation.

to all the participants for their dedication and hard work. The day was a perfect blend of learning and joy, reminding us of the timeless brilliance of William Shakespeare’s works. Let us cherish these memories and continue to nurture the love for literature and the performing arts! Regards Computer Department Ariadaha