School Activities at TIGPS Ariadaha

Online female health workshop

TIGPS, Ariadaha believes: Access to quality online learning is an important step in helping students future-proof their skills and seek new opportunities for growth and development.
Learning didn’t come to a halt in the face of the ongoing heat wave.
Female students of grades V-XII had an enriching online workshop spanning two days (19/04 and 20/04).
Topic: Female Health and Hygiene
The session was all about breaking the taboo on menstrual health. Taboos about menstruation, present in many societies, negatively impact girls’ and women’s emotional state, mentality, lifestyle and most importantly, health. The challenge- of addressing the socio-cultural taboos and beliefs in menstruation- was taken up by the members of the staff. Teachers had an engaging, interactive session helping the girls understand their bodies better.
The event also marks the setting up of a sanitary napkin vending machine in the school premises.
May our girls grow up to be healthy, successful individuals who will help in de-stigmatising such erroneous taboos even further.

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