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Gluten-Free Snacks & Table Setting Tips!

👩‍🍳🎉 Yesterday was a culinary delight at the Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics department of TIGPS, Ariadaha! We had the privilege of hosting the renowned food columnist, Ms. Bipasha Mukherjee, as our esteemed resource person for an enriching workshop on “Preparation of Gluten-Free Snacks and the Art of Table Setting.”
👩‍🍳 With 22 years of experience conducting cookery classes, demonstrations, and judging culinary events for a multinational company, Ms. Mukherjee brought a wealth of expertise to our budding chefs. Her 15-year tenure judging and demonstrating cookery shows on various channels added immense value to today’s session.
👧👦 Our enthusiastic kids delved into the world of gluten-free cooking, crafting three protein-rich recipes while simultaneously mastering the art of setting the table for their delectable creations.
👩‍🍳🍲 Cooking isn’t just about following a recipe—it’s a lesson in balance and precision. As Ms. Mukherjee aptly pointed out, “Neither too much nor too little can make something perfect; it’s always about the right amount.” Whether it’s seasoning a dish or investing effort, each step in cooking imparts invaluable life philosophies.
🍚⏳ “Rice shouldn’t be overboiled; it won’t complement the curries,” shared one of our young chefs. “A fork isn’t the right tool for a bowl of soup,” remarked another. Ms. Mukherjee’s guidance on the precise use of turmeric for the perfect flavor and color left our students in awe of the nuances in cooking.
👩‍🍳📚 Learning through food is a journey of discovery and enlightenment. Cooking teaches us patience, precision, and the art of balance—a metaphor for life itself!
🥄🌟 Join us in celebrating the joy of culinary exploration and discovery! Stay tuned for more exciting culinary adventures and valuable insights from our Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics department.

Run for Unity

Raksha Bandhan

“A beautiful bond of trust, love and responsibility forever.”
Raksha Bandhan is a festival which is celebrated to show love and unity.
It was initially established by Rabindranath Tagore, during the time of Bengal’s partition, to instill a loving bond of brotherhood.
On 30th August 2023, TIGPS, Ariadaha-under the guidance of Principal ma’am- celebrated ‘Raksha Bandhan’ at Belghoria Police Station.
Students tied rakhi to our ‘city rakshaks’ as an acknowledgement to their loyalty,integrity and selfless service.
They gifted a potted plant to
Mr. Ratan Chakraborty
(IC Belghoria) to show gratitude and appreciation for the noble job that they do day in and day out selflessly.


Juicy juicy mangoes,
yellow and sweet,
Tasty tasty mangoes,
are a special treat.The day was all juicy and sweet as the tiny tots of PG, Nursery and KG, celebrated National Mango Day to honour the most relished fruit, MANGO.
The little ones, all decked up in the colours of raw and ripe mangoes, had fun exploring the incredibly versatile, king of fruits. Throughout the day, kids had interactive sessions and fun activities like tearing pasting, cotton dabbing, crown designing, all denoting the types of mangoes commonly available in the market. Some students, dressed up like mangoes, shared the benefit of  this flavourful and most loved fruit.The break time had some of the most engaging conversations. Our little ones, while savouring the slices, poured their heart out talking about the delicious  mango pickle their granny prepares, the mango jam they relish in breakfast and the most refreshing mango shake their mother offers. Healthy mango juice was also distributed among the children.Towards the end kids were made aware of the importance of planting seeds. They were also given tips on how they can even save the seed and create something best out of the waste. The day indeed was MANGOnificent.

DEAR (Drop Everything & Read)

DEAR (Drop Everything & Read) Programme for all the students in the school. The purpose of this programme is to motivate the students to READ. Every Wednesday the school encourages 30 minutes of reading books out of syllabus for all in the school campus.
“Reading teaches, expands our minds, enriches our lives, shapes our dreams, opens doors & inspires us to become who we are”.

professional development workshop

This week TIGPS-ARIADAHA conducted a series of professional development workshops to enhance the teaching skills.
It was an incredible opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies, collaborate with other teachers, and discuss effective teaching practices.
We hope that this will help our teachers bring out the best in our students and improve their academic performance.
This would not have been possible without the initiative taken by the Principal of the school. The three days were organised in collaboration with Oxford University Press and Cambridge Publications.
The schedule being:
8th June- Management of Inclusive classroom by Mr.Devakalpa Ghose.
9th June- NEP2020 and NCF 2023 by Ms.Koel Mukherjee.
10th June- Cybersecurity by Ms.Geeta Zunjani.
It is our firm belief that those who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge and can apply the same to their work and to their lives will be _the movers and shakers_ of our society.

Online female health workshop

TIGPS, Ariadaha believes: Access to quality online learning is an important step in helping students future-proof their skills and seek new opportunities for growth and development.
Learning didn’t come to a halt in the face of the ongoing heat wave.
Female students of grades V-XII had an enriching online workshop spanning two days (19/04 and 20/04).
Topic: Female Health and Hygiene
The session was all about breaking the taboo on menstrual health. Taboos about menstruation, present in many societies, negatively impact girls’ and women’s emotional state, mentality, lifestyle and most importantly, health. The challenge- of addressing the socio-cultural taboos and beliefs in menstruation- was taken up by the members of the staff. Teachers had an engaging, interactive session helping the girls understand their bodies better.
The event also marks the setting up of a sanitary napkin vending machine in the school premises.
May our girls grow up to be healthy, successful individuals who will help in de-stigmatising such erroneous taboos even further.

Activities Feb'23

Little Master Chef

46th International Kolkata Book Fair

E- waste drive

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