Our Infrastructure


Our students learn to learn by forming deep bonds with books. Flights of imagination and wondrous travels become possible through our library which serves as resource centre and magical story-centre.

Computer Lab

This is where children become digital citizens of the 21st century. Coding is taught from childhood to hone deep analytical skills. Our computer lab has the set-up to give our students a one-to-one machine interaction experience.

Science Lab

Students have hands-on experience of scientific theories from day one. Demonstrations and experiments form the backbone of our science teaching that believes in intellectual struggle, open ended assignments and developing attitude of research.

Play Ground

Sounds of joy are most often heard here as children do what comes most naturally to them – play. A variety of play equipment and team sports teaches students character, discipline, values, rules.

Assembly Area

This is the hub of all activities from morning assembly to art mela and celebrations of special days to inter-house competitions.

A.V. Room

Our students get a peek into the world beyond our immediate surroundings through movies that educate about world culture, history, events and concerns. Curiosity, a sense of amazement, language skills and deep questioning results from each engagement with the cinematic medium.

Art Room

There are no rules here. Children are taught techniques and then encouraged to express themselves in any way they want. Sculpture, craft, painting and traditional Indian art forms are explored by children.

Counselling Room

Children know that our counselor is always there to listen, to advise, to help and to be a safety net whenever they need guidance. Professional counselling services combined with humane and affectionate approach, provides students and parents a reliable way to address challenges.

Music Room

Voices rise in unison belting out songs in multiple languages, vibrating with joy and rhythm.

Well equipped classrooms

Here we learn, argue, experiment, work in groups. Our classrooms are hubs of deep exploration.

Pre – primary play zone

Play is their language of learning as colour, rhythm, sand, water, grass and indeed the entire world becomes their own personal laboratory.