House cup distribution ceremony 2024

House cup distribution ceremony 2024

In TIGPS Ariadaha, magic weaves,
Four houses strive, each heart believes.
Cups gleam with tales of triumph told,
A ceremony unfolds, memories to hold.

The house cup distribution ceremony, held on 22nd of January, 2024 was a grand culmination of months of spirited competition and camaraderie among the four houses of TIGPS, Ariadaha. Amidst the morning chills, an air of anticipation filled the campus as students eagerly awaited to hold and raise the prestigious house cup.

The programme started off with a spectacular drill display by our Karate children followed by demonstration of effective stunts and skills to be acquired.

Our respected Principal ma’am then began by acknowledging the collective efforts and achievements of each house throughout the academic year, highlighting exceptional performances in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. The atmosphere further buzzed with a mix of excitement, joy and pride as a significant transition took place. The day marked the farewell of our four house in charges of the current session. We embarked on a new chapter as the four new house in charges for the upcoming session were welcomed taking up the mantle of leadership.

Amid the resounding applause, our  promising Head Boy, Bodheedipta Bose and the Head girl, Afsara Anjum shared their thoughts and officially signed off from their roles with grace and distinction.

The house highlights were shared then. We had a recap of all the events that shaped this year’s House Cup journey. Students and teachers proudly applauded each and every performance that has left a mark on our school’s vibrant tapestry.
The much anticipated moment had finally arrived. All points were  shared, accompanied by cheers and sighs from the students and finally VIVEKANANDA HOUSE was declared the winner. The house erupted in jubilation, their members proudly donning their house colors. The runner-ups displayed good sportsmanship, acknowledging their accomplishments with grace. Each house was congratulated for their exemplary work, dedication, teamwork and enthusiasm.

We wrapped up the ceremony with a promise to carry the spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie into the coming academic year. Children were reminded that it’s not about winning, it’s about the lessons learnt, friendships forged and the collective growth we experience as a school community.