Investiture Ceremony 2023-24

Investiture Ceremony 2023-24

We are delighted to share with you the grand success of the Investiture Ceremony 2023-24 held on the 30th of June. The event was a remarkable celebration of achievements and a platform to acknowledge the extraordinary talent and potential of our students. The ceremony witnessed a series of significant moments that left a lasting impression on all those present.
The ceremony commenced with a majestic March Past by the students, showcasing their discipline and synchronized movements. It was a sight to behold as they marched with pride and enthusiasm, setting the tone for the rest of the event.

The Lighting of the Lamp followed, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. Eminent guests, Mr. Deepanshu Ghosal (Councillor of Ward Number 8) and Mrs. Meghna Mitra (CIC Education), graced the occasion with their esteemed presence. Their participation added immense value to the ceremony, and their inspiring words encouraged the students to strive for excellence. Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co-Chairperson of Techno India Group was dearly missed.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the oath-taking by the members of the Student Council. With unwavering determination, they pledged to uphold the values of discipline, responsibility, and unity. This solemn moment represented a significant milestone in their journey as leaders.

The members of the Student Council were then honored with badges and sashes, signifying their roles and responsibilities. These tokens of recognition reminded them of the trust bestowed upon them and served as a constant reminder of their duty towards their fellow students and the institution.

A cultural program took center stage, featuring mesmerizing performances by the students. The audience was captivated by enthralling dance routines, soul-stirring recitations, and melodious singing. The young talents displayed their artistic skills with finesse, leaving everyone spellbound.

It is crucial to acknowledge the relentless efforts put forth by the students and teachers in preparing for this event. Countless hours of hard work, practice, and dedication culminated in a ceremony that reflected the commitment to excellence of everyone involved.

We must extend our heartfelt appreciation to Principal Debdutta Bera Adhya for conceptualizing this initiative and leading it with passion and enthusiasm. Her vision and guidance have created an environment that nurtures the holistic development of our students, allowing them to shine in various domains.

The Investiture Ceremony not only celebrated the achievements of our students but also provided them with valuable lessons in discipline, responsibility, and unity. It served as a platform to instill these essential values, which will shape their characters and contribute to their personal growth.

We are immensely proud of the success of the ceremony and the bright future it signifies for our students. We look forward to witnessing their continued accomplishments as they embark on their journey of leadership and contribute positively to society.